You may have noticed by now that your paycheck is a little smaller than it has been. This is because there have been some recent changes to the employee contribution towards Social Security. For the past two years employees have paid a rate of 4.2% towards Social Security as a part of the stimulus package. This caused Americans to see a small increase in their take home pay. During the most recent discussions concerning the fiscal cliff, the rate was changed back to 6.2% as part of a compromise between both parties. This will affect the amount of your take home pay in 2013. For example, a person who makes a salary of $50,000 annually will now pay an additional $83.33 a month in taxes, or $1000 a year.

It is important for you to prepare for this adjustment, and to make sure your monthly budget accounts for this. For tips on planning your monthly budget, click on the Financial Tools icon on our Home Page. Those resources are certain to help you Achieve More.